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There are over 30,000 Black Athenians. Yet not all of their voices are being Heard. 

Highlight Magazine advocates for and celebrates Athens’ Black

communities. In a world where the media

continues to misrepresent

or omit relevant

facts for the historically marginalized, this publication is our response. Named after Athens High and Industrial's Magazine.  Highlight Magazine is committed to factual and thought-provoking content while also providing everyday citizens opportunities to voice

generally unacknowledged perspectives and concerns. We provide an authentic platform for gathering and sharing ideas,  empowering those who seek answers in order to grow awareness. Aspiring to educate our audiences on topics that support their lives while encouraging the pursuit of better, more productive living. There is talent and potential in the African American communities throughout  Athens. History demonstrates that, like

all cultures, African American culture grows and struggles through cycles and degrees of consensus and dissent.  Because the experiences and triumphs of their ancestors and forebears remain largely untold, some lack the premise they need to shape and direct their own identities. In addressing this problem, Highlight maintains that every informed, reasonable voice representing marginalized communities needs to be heard.



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